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Frequently Asked Questions
Q) What does K9Sale do?

A) K9Sale brings together breeders and trainers, enabling them to sell puppies, ex-forces, security and other types of working dogs to owners that need/want them.

Q) What dog is right for me?

A) Depending on what your needs are, you have need to read adverts in full as they will list the dogs capabilities.

Q) What payment methods are accepted?

A) K9Sale only accepts PayPal.

Q) How do I create an account?

A) You need to click "Join now for free", fill out all the necessary information and click Submit.

Q) How do I buy a dog from another country?

A) Firstly you need to remember that when buying a dog from another country to have them imported, they must first see a vet for a health check and gain a certificate allowing them to leave the country, upon arriving in the new country the dog will be quarantined before being allowed to enter. Please also note some breeds are banned in some countries always do your research before buying.

Q) Can I boost my listing?

A) Yes, you can buy features to boost your advert, click here for more details.

Q) How do I create an advert?

A) Firstly click on "Place a FREE ad" then login or create an account after this, select a category followed by selecting an area, fill in all information required, add an extras or coupons and submit.

Q) Am I covered if something goes wrong?

A) K9Sale can not offer any warranty and can not validate any adverts therefore you will be required to carry out due diligence before deciding to purchase any dog advertised on this website.

Q) What are the membership options?

A) Yes, you can choose between a free membership or a paid membership.

Free membership offers:

  • Add an advert to your favorites to easily come back to it at a later date
  • Bookmark a category
  • Edit private notes for a category
  • Set your preferred theme/style for the website that will be used by default when you visit K9Sale

Paid membership offers:

  • Same as free membership
  • Post and manage adverts

Q) What is the difference between a guard dog and personal protection dog

A) In short, guard dogs are not suitable for pets and are pure working dogs that can be left to guard a property or another item without needing any instructions from the owner. Guard dogs will attack anybody they do not recognize that trespass in their area. Protection dogs however are suitable pets and are social however they are very intelligent and can become very protective when required. Whilst there are many different breeds of dogs suitable to be guard dogs there are fewer breeds which are suitable as personal protection dogs.

Q) Can I link to an advert on K9Sale on my website?

A) If you are the owner of the advert you are more than welcome to link to it on your website, however if you do not own the advert then you must get permission from the owner first.

Q) How do I add a link to my K9Sale advert onto my website?

A) Firstly, visit your advert on K9sale
B) Copy the url from the address bar
C) Place it within a html link element <a href="PASTE YOUR ADVERT URL HERE"> Visit my full advert at K9Sale </a>
D) Thats it!

If you would like us to add your adverts to your website for you please contact our helpdesk for a quote.